ProNeuro Light Calf Light

Our original pads have less coverage than the boots yet are flexible enough to be used on the legs and feet equally well.

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ProNeuro Light Bootie System

This uniquely shaped pad folds over the entire foot or may be used lengthwise and it comes with simplified controller.

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ProNeuro Light Bootie Combo Pro

The Proneuro Light Combo Pro unit includes 2 Proneuro Light Calf Pads, 2 Proneuro Light Foot Pads and 2 Proneuro Light Controllers

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The only IR system specifically designed and endorsed by the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America

Our Products

• Reduce Pain and Cramps

• Reduced Tingling or Numbness in Fingers, Toes & Legs

• Ability to Walk without Pain

• Reduced Burning Pain in the Feet & Toes

• Improved Sense of Balance & Coordination

• Less Dependency on Medications

• Improved Sleep

• Less Restless Legs Syndrome